Dr. Coleta 


School of Business


Brenau University

Dr. Cheryl Evans


Northern Oklahoma College

"After reading Transforming Your Life from Good to GREAT! Daily Nuggets of Wisdom! it is evident that everyone, on all levels, will enjoy the structure, sequence, details that are outlined from day to day and week to week. POWERFUL!"

"Willie shares some important ingredients for living your life to the fullest. He illustrates the benefits of passion, persistence, and perspiration for daily moving forward to become the best version of yourself. These inspirational ideas can help you transform your life

and make it great!"

Deputy Mayor

Derek Schlosser

City of Whitecourt

Alberta, Canada

Dave Gittings

Campus Sports Pastor

& Football Chaplain

Virginia Tech

Charlie Ward

"He is one of the best speakers, coaches, and people I know.  Funny dude!"

Tim Albin

Offensive Coordinator

Ohio University

"I recommend this book to everyone who breathes.

The title could be "From Ordinary to Extraordinary." Willie Spears has masterfully crafted a resource beneficial to everyone regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, or position.

This book is for all of us."





"Willie's book is challenging, inspiring, convicting, informative, applicable, funny, and a great source of encouragement! The Lord has allowed him a wide range of life experiences to bring a freshs perspective to life's journey with each day's nugget.

A great read for all!

"I was only supposed to stay for part of your presentation to the high school students, but I could not leave.

You did a great job teaching leadership skills and strategies to the students...many of them were

very impressed and inspired. "