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Transforming Your Life

from Good to GREAT!

Daily Nuggets of Wisdom

During the summer before her senior year, Keisha Martin’s simple life started to change. Dating Derek Cole behind her father’s back triggers a chain of events that changes her life forever. Keisha lives in a strict Christian environment, and although Derek is thoughtful and sweet, their relationship is a classic example of good girl falls for bad boy. Derek’s hair, gold teeth, tattoos, sagging pants, and drug activity lead Keisha’s father to believe he is a thug.

The drama of their romance only ignites the flame that is her life. Choosing a college, pressure to try marijuana, a pregnancy scare, and cheating on Derek are difficult challenges that could change her life. To make things worse Keisha gets into a fix with her best friend Amber, and ultimately thinks about killing herself. This should be the happiest time of her life, but every day she’s faced with a life-changing dilemma.

Keisha’s Dilemma continues in The Ultimate Dilemma. During the summer after graduating from college, Keisha’s complex life gets worse. Her high-school sweetheart Derek is in jail, and her ex-boyfriend Clarence has gotten her best friend Amber pregnant.

Confused and frustrated, Keisha decides to start her life over. On her quest to start fresh, Keisha takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and lifestyle changes as she considers a homosexual relationship, taking her own life, marrying Clarence, hurting Amber, and becoming a Christian.

Derek was a nice, quiet little boy who grew up idolizing his older brother, Marcus. After Marcus was sent to prison, his influence on Derek became very obvious. Derek dreads his hair, gets tattoos and gold teeth, and sells drugs just like his brother. Derek also realizes his gift for fighting and starts beating cats down for the fun of it.

While living the “thug life,” Derek falls in love with Keisha. Their relationship is in constant competition with his lifestyle. To add to his problems, he unknowingly hooked up with Keisha’s sister and later her best friend. He feels bad until he catches Keisha in another relationship. His anger gets the best of him, and he is put in jail for attempted murder on her boyfriend. There are two sides to Derek: a good side and a bad side. The two sides are in a constant tug-of-war, and its anyone's guess which side will win out.

In every area of our lives, there is always a deep desire not just to be good, but to be great. Purpose, meaning, and fulfillment are what we hope to achieve. Though it sounds simple, why is it that these things appear to be the most difficult to pull off? We often see ourselves fail. We get lonely, get bored, and almost want to give up. We get caught up in the crossroads of decisions and choices, and often, we aren't so wise. Questions start to surface. What are the rules in living? How is true happiness achieved? Where do I find peace? What does a great life look like? Inside this book there are twenty nuggets of wisdom to help you answer these questions and go from good to great in at least one area of your life. Life is good, let’s make it great!